In 2014, my wife almost died, Menlo Park Fire Protection District Engine 5 was there, saved her life, giving our family 6 more months together. This is what I want for all residents.  I believe in the Fire District, their mission, personnel, and OUR community. Our family, and many other families are so thankful of the great service from our Fire District. As a former public safety employee for over 35 years, on the federal, state, and local level, I want to continue to use my experience, education, and training to benefit our community. Our family is very blessed to reside in San Mateo County, Menlo Park, and our Fire District.


  • Highly rated 136-member organization. 
  • Supported careful fiscal oversight policies that included balanced budgets; an aggressive pay-down of pension liabilities.
  • Rebuilt critical infrastructure at fire stations No. 2 -6, positioning the district for future expansion with land acquisitions.
  • An independent Fire district survey of services 2017, gave the Fire District a 98% approval rating.
  • Successful Labor Contract negotiations in 2014 and 2017 with both labor unions.
  • Using federal grants and aids to support a more defined nationally recognized DHS-FEMA Search and Rescue Team.
  • Established the 1st Drone Projects involving the use for search-rescue, solar equipment inspections, and fire observation.
  • Maintained acceptable emergency response times in spite of significant growth and increasing traffic congestion and gridlock.
  • Maintained fiscal responsibility with a balanced budget, no parcel tax and with well-funded and carefully targeted reserves.
  • Establishment of a short-term plan for CALPERS. As of 2018, paying off our CalPERS debt every year.

Accomplished goals and objectives since serving my first term, taken from my web-site:

  • Reorganize Employee Retirement and Benefits. Establish a two-tier system of retirement for new-hires ASAP
    San Carlos recently advertised for firefighters.  They had over 500 applicants in a 24-hour period.  Community College Programs have waiting lists for those who want to become firefighters.  With demand for the job at an all-time high, and CALPERS retirement costs at unsustainable levels, the time is ripe to establish a two-tier system.  In addition, I signed the Menlo Park Measure L petition and voted for it.
  • DONE: Establishment of a two (2) Tier System for new hired employees.
  • Reduce Long-Term Expenses by Raising the Fire District’s Rating. Fire Suppression Rating (ISO) 
    Our current district only has a class 3 rating.  A class 1 or class 2 rating will save the taxpayers money on their insurance premiums. I propose we develop a 2-year plan to achieve a higher-class rating.
  • DONE: Established a Class 2 rating. Currently working on a Class 1 rating. Current projects include an Accreditation Program for the rating of fire agencies and the up-grade of water services within areas of the district that need repair and up-grading of infrastructure.  
  • Trim Expenses through Consolidation of Fire Services
    Efficient consolidation is the future of sound fire district financial management. A reduction in management and administrative staff while protecting the actual emergency services personnel is a more efficient way to manage the district.
  • DONE; The new San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services Unit establishing a centralized dispatch system for all calls for service relating to public safety.
  • Apply for Federal, State and Foundation Grants and Aids.
    Last year DHS and FEMA had over $450 million dollars available. I propose that we apply for the grants available to us in order to return some federal tax dollars to the taxpayers in the district.  The cities of San Jose and Vallejo were saved this year by these types of assistance.
  • DONE; Utilization of specific funding for our Department of Homeland Security Urban Area Task Force 3 element of our fire district, supervised by one of our Fire Division Chiefs.
  • Apply for Membership to the Nationwide UASI Program. 
    The district has never applied to be part of this program. I propose we take advantage of these funds to help defray the district's costs.
  • DONE; Established working jointly with other public safety agencies as law enforcement, fire, emergency services management within San Mateo.
  • California Retirement System (CALPERS)
    I propose we establish changes in the current CALPERS system and explore additional modifications that could save the district millions over the coming years.
  • DONE: Established a (2) Two Tier System for new employees.
  • Reduce the Amount of Equipment Sent on Fire Calls for Service.
    Many calls for service in the Menlo Park Fire Protection District are not fire related but, rather, are calls for emergency medical services which do not require a ladder or an engine truck.
  • DONE: Established 2 additional rescue vehicles for service for the Fire District.
  • Explore a 72 Hour Work Week or 62-hour work week vs. a Current 56 Hour Work Week.
    • ON-GOING
  • Contract Fire Training to Outside Vendors.
    I propose that we reduce costs by eliminating full-time firefighter positions for training and contract those tasks to outside trainers. The San Jose Fire Department uses this method of training at a large monetary savings to their department.
  • DONE: Using contract trainers for our FEMA Department of Homeland Security TF-3 and our current firefighters daily training.
  • Define and Utilize Volunteer and other Organized Groups as CERT, California Volunteers or the American Red Cross in more Practical Exercises within Our County and District.
    • DONE: Presently working on a unified system of review, evaluation, and training function.  Establishment of a financial grant assistance program to all volunteer groups within the Fire District.


  • Support careful fiscal oversight policies that includes a balanced budget; an aggressive pay-down of pension liabilities.
  • Maintain an acceptable emergency response times in spite of significant growth and increasing traffic congestion and gridlock.
  • Complete an Accreditation Plan for public safety fire agency. (in-progress)
  • Complete a Strategic Plan (final complete; further discussion needed to incorporate the Accreditation Project with the Strategic Plan.
  • Build new Station Numbers 4 and 1, (Using tax funds available; NO NEW TAXES OR BOND MEASURES.)
  • Review, evaluate, prepare, and establish an Emergency Preparedness Program that assists the fire district, town, cities, and surrounding communities involving CERT, and other volunteer organizations as the Red Cross, Neighborhood Associations, Chamber of Commerce’s, and Non-profits within our community. We have so many volunteers in our fire district. We need to organize to use this great resource during emergency response situations or everyday assistance to our community.
  • Keep pace and up-date current trends in public safety equipment, facility up-grades, and adding addition personnel to provide the best service to our community.