Goals for the District

    I'm proud to have served this community over eight years as a fire district representative. There's still work to be done.

    • Support careful fiscal oversight policies that includes a balanced budget; an aggressive pay-down of pension liabilities.
    • Maintain an excellent emergency response times in spite of significant growth and increasing traffic congestion and gridlock.

    • Complete an Accreditation Plan for public safety fire agency.

    • Complete a Strategic Plan for the future.

    • Build new Station Numbers 4 and 1,
      (Using tax funds available; NO NEW TAXES OR BOND MEASURES.)

    • Review, evaluate, prepare, and establish an Emergency Preparedness Program that assists the fire district, town, cities, and surrounding communities involving CERT, and other volunteer organizations.

    • Keep pace and up-date current trends in public safety equipment, facility up-grades, and adding addition personnel to provide the best service to our community.